Monday, June 24, 2013

Many Shields Shetland Lace Scarf

This scarf is made in the shetland style of lace knitting. The center (the shields) section is worked from a provisional cast on to the desired length. Then stitches are picked up around the edges, four stitches are provisionally cast on and those four stitches are used to create a simple increase then cast of tooth edging. A small grafting (kitchener’s stitch) is used to ‘sew’ the provisional cast on stitches and the final 4 edge stitches together to make a seamless edging around the center.
The body lace pattern has no rest rows (i.e. every row is a pattern row) but is worked entirely in garter stitch (there are no purls). The directions are written out as well as charted to allow you to work in the method that works best for you.
This pattern could be worked in a heavier yarn with a larger needle. I would not go heavier than fingering weight. There are instructions for adjusting the pattern to make it narrower with that can be used with the heavier yarn to keep the scarf from becoming too wide. They also explain how to make it wider if you would like to make it into a stole.

Yarn Suggestions - Poems Sock, Saki Bamboo, Whisper Lace, Alpaca Lace, Heritage, Kid Seta, Cherub Baby, Baby Ull, On Line Supersocke, or Huasco yarns.

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