Saturday, December 8, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

Join us every Wednesday from 4 - 7 p.m.
Wow – we had a great crowd at Work In Progress Wednesday this week.

Kathy L. is zipping through Geysir Stretch. I think this might be some of the yarn she got in Iceland.


Valerie has designed her own Assassin’s Creed mitt. She is very creative.


Theresa is making the Happy Cowliday. I can’t remember the yarn but it sure looks soft and warm.


Theresa is also making the Baby Surprise Jacket with the Casablanca. The colors are going to be fantastic on her daughter.


Doris P. is using Katmandu to make the Central Park Hoodie. It has great cables and she has made some modifications to the pattern that really make it stand out.


Felicia is coming along with her scarf in ClassicWorsted.



Pam has the cutest little dogs and this sweater will be sweet on one of them.


Kathy is making the Color Block Cardigan for her granddaughter. What little girl wouldn’t love these colors.


Avivah is doing the Nutkin socks in the Heritage Pants. I think the pattern is great.


Katie is using Pacific to make Wee Balaclava. I love the color.


Talk about soft, Joy is making the Snake Scarf from EcoDuo yarn.


Joy got her cowl done in the Dulce Merino. It is wonderful. The yarn really shows the stitches and it is very soft.

I am making the Felt Clogs out of Cascade 220. I just need a few minutes to sit down after they get fulled to wear them for a good fit. Class coming in January.
See you next week.

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