Thursday, December 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday

With wild weather earlier in the day and temps plummeting, it was nice to be inside, drinking tea and knitting or crocheting together.


Samuel finished his corgi dog in the Ella Ray Chunky.


She has a sweet face.


He made a small version, too.


Doris T. is giving the Marina Glitz ruffle yarn a try.


Katie is crocheting a lovely scarf out of the Dolce Merino.


Doris P. finished the cutest penguin sweater using the Classic Shades Solids.


Theresa is making the Good Luck Cowl in the Eco Duo.


She finished Happy Cowliday made with the Eco Duo – simply scrumptious.


We had to rip out some of the mitten she has been working on but it is back on track. She handled the ripping like a pro.


Joy has half of her Snake Scarf done in the Eco-Duo.


Samuel crocheted these slippers.


And started some more in the Ultra Pima.


Jen is coming back to knitting after a long hiatus and starting off with a lovely cabled hat.


I finished another pair of felt clogs.


We will be having group next week, Wednesday 4-7, so you can show off all your Christmas knitting.





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