Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wooly Wonka Yarn - Anne Podlesak

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Wooly Wonka Yarn is made by Anne Podlesak. We asked her a few questions to let you know more about this fabulous fiber artist.

Please tell us a bit about yourself--your background and what led you to pursue the world of fiber arts--dyeing, spinning, knitting, and designing. I have a degree in clothing/costume design but I also have a minor in historic textiles and conservation, and I've been knitting since I was a kid. While my husband was working on his PhD, I started up an online indie dyer business (Wooly Wonka Fibers), and from there, also taught myself to spin, found a friend who is a professional weaver who taught me to weave, and from there, branched out into knitwear design. If it is fiber or fabric, I'm probably interested in it!

What inspires your artistic path the most? I take inspiration from a lot of things, but I do design a lot of knit pieces and colorways around literature and literary characters. I also find the natural world to be a huge source of inspiration - locations to flora to fauna.

What are you currently most excited about? Are there any future happenings you are excited about and would like to share? I have several new designs that will be published in two Cooperative Press books due out in 2013. I've got a couple of upcoming projects in Spin-Off magazine in 2013, and I'm just getting started on a large collection of knitwear pieces that will probably be a year-long project.

 A couple "favorites"
Color(s) Anything in the cool color family - blues, purples, grays.
Fiber(s) Having raised angora rabbits for several years, I love angora blends. Otherwise, just good ol' basic wool.
Quote(s) Happiness walks on busy feet. (attributed to Kitti Turmell)
You can get more of Wooly Wonka on her website or Facebook page.

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