Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Just in...

Our very own Anne has 3 patterns in this - she is also going to sign them this weekend!

Photo by Interweave.

Look for Wooly Wonka Fibers Ceridwen Sock in Anne's Booth!

The game of Quidditch features prominently in the Harry Potter books. The imagery of Harry’s Firebolt, the golden snitch, and the dragon’s
egg harry retrieves as the first task in the triwizard tournament in Harry
Potter and the Goblet of Fire as a key step to winning the tournament itself are featured on these socks.
These unisex socks are knit from the cuff down, featuring a standard square heel flap and a wide tapered toe. The motifs are worked in twisted stitches beginning at the cuff ribbing, and running down the leg, onto the foot.
The smallest size used one skein of yarn; the two larger sizes will require two skeins to complete. The length of the foot may be adjusted for a customized fit.

Also check out The Sorcerer's Sweater in Cascade 220.

We can help you substitute yarns for any project - just ask!

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