Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

See you all tonight, 4-7.

I think this is Vivian's from Finish-Free Knits but I don't remember which pattern.

Joy almost done with her Holden Shawlette in Wooly Wonka Rhiannon Sock.

Joy's new project.

Joy's Socks aren't Scary for Dumbledore.

Doris' beautiful vest.

Doris' Ruffled Up Socks in Fixation.

Heidi's odds and ends sweater.

Susan's Opera Gloves in Heritage Sock yarn.

Susan's R. E. Linwëlin Mantelet.

Kay making Animal House Pullover in 220 Superwash.

Julia's crochet sweater in Pacific.

Linda's Potholder in Cotton Supreme.

Linda's Potholders - available for sale!

Susie (?) making Market Jacket.

Seems like I may have forgotten a thing or two so please leave a comment!

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