Friday, February 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday

We had a nice turn-out for WIP Wednesday this week.

Katie is making the Equinox sweater in the Api yarn.

Lisa is making progress on her Samantha Sweater.

Vivian's Felt Clogs are coming right along.

Katie started the Sophie Bunny in the Sublime yarn.

Avivah finished her Heather Raglan Sweater.

Avivah is working on the Albero Cowl Jacket.

She finished her Leaf Hat.

Merry finished her All Day Beret in the Wooly Wonka yarn.

Theresa is working on her sock from the Socks Aren't Scary class in On-Line yarn.

Joy's sock from the Socks Aren't Scary class.

Theresa's Felt Clog.

Doris's new sweater in Eco+ yarn.

Doris's Central Park Hoodie.

Join us next Wednesday 4-7.

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