Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday

We missed those of you who had to stay home last Wednesday because of the weather. See you this week - 4-7.

Katie is making Crocheted Granny Squares - we have the book, I am not sure what the yarn is.

Vivian finished one clog and just needs the other done - we felt them tonight.

I just can't remember the details on this one...If you know please leave a comment.

Angela is making this wonderful embroidery project.

Paperi leg warmers out of Pacific Chunky.

Susan's Lilly-of-the-Valley Opera Gloves in Heritage Sock Yarn.

Avivah's Hour Glass Cardigan in Eco Wool.

Avivah's Washington Square Sweater.

Avivah's St. Brigid in 220 Superwash.

Avivah sock.

Doris sock.

Heidi's Stacy Sweater, vest option, in Classic Shades.

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