Friday, March 7, 2014

Wine Bags and Travel Mats have you covered

Spring is in the air and that means getting outside.

Travel Place Mats: Up-cycled place mats, perfect for picnics, pot lucks, and even camping. These place mats are sewn out of study cotton and denim, and the pocket for your utensils and napkin is made from a man's necktie! With your silverware tucked into the pocket, just roll it all up and snap it together– you're ready for your next dining event!

Wine Bottle Bags: A bottle of wine dressed in a sophisticated wine bottle bag is a perfect addition to a house warming or hostess gift, or even a birthday or wedding present! The bags are sewn out of burlap and cotton, and they are lined so they are sturdy and reusable. The colorful fabric choices for the bags and the stamped flourish on the front will help make your gift truly special.

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