Thursday, November 3, 2011


As I sit to write and work on the elements of this new blog, I am reminded of what a perfect time of year fall is for both preparation and reflection. With the much cooler air paying us a visit here in northern New Mexico, I am enjoying spending more time indoors. I am back to drinking hot tea throughout the day, and we've already had soup twice this week for supper. My crafting works-in-progress have also spontaneously multiplied! The cool-down has reminded me that I need to make hats and mitts for my boys, get a start on my holiday knitting, and of course continue working on the long list of projects I have going for myself.

My list of projects is endless as it keeps growing faster than I can complete them. My time is precious, so I have started to narrow them down by the following criteria:

*Will I enjoy the creative process, not just the completed project?
*Will the finished project be used? Loved? Appreciated?
*Is the finished project timeless or fleeting?
*Am I excited about the pattern and the materials I will be using?

Some of these questions do not necessarily have a right or wrong answer; they are simply helpful to me when narrowing down my choices. Oftentimes I do not know the answers to these questions until I start, or even finish, a project. Many times I never know the answers. It is, however, a helpful reflective guide.

So, as I pull out whatever my daily handwork is at the moment--crocheted caps, a shrug for a knit-along, some fingerless mitts--I both reflect on the process of knitting/crochet as well as anticipate the finished product. In the end, I participate in handwork because I want to, not because I have to.


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